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1.13 KINES 126 - National Education Goals for the year 2000...

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KINES 126.1 Wednesday January 13 1999 Announcements: None Lecture notes: Qualities of an Excellent Health Educator commitment to: 1. health literacy (update your knowledge to include new information) 2. improving the health of students 3. prevention of disease 4. reducing problematic behaviors (i.e. violence) creating dynamic learning environment (make sure instruction is student centered ) with an emphasis on life skills work one to one with students (this has been shown to increase the health status of students) acting as a positive role model Risk Behaviors to be on the lookout for according to the CDC (centers for disease control and prevention) behaviors that result in intentional (self inflicted) or unintentional (accidental) injuries tobacco use alcohol and other drug use sexual behaviors--related to risk of HIV STDs unintended pregnancy dietary pattern--contributes to disease insufficient physical activity National Education Goals for the year 2000
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Unformatted text preview: National Education Goals for the year 2000 • All American children will start school ready to learn.--this is related to health education because students need sleep breakfast appropriate clothing for the climate in order to be ready to receive education • High school graduation will increase to 90%.--there is a positive relationship between the number of years of education and health status • American students will leave 4th 8th and 12th grades competent in at least english math history and geography. • American students will be first in the world in math and science. • Every American adult will be literate and will have the skills necessary to compete in the workforce and exercise the rights and responsibilities of citizenship. • All American schools will be free from drugs violence unauthorized presence of firearms and alcohol as well as offer a disciplined environment conductive to learning....
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