Politics test2

Politics test2 - 1.) A closed primary is restricted to...

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1.) A closed primary is restricted to – party identifiers 2.) The secret ballot was first used in – Australia 3.) Which of the following government bodies normally has the duty of redistricting the legislature – state legislature 4.) Unlike some other countries, congress persons in the US are selected in districts that are defined – geographically 5.) The principle of “jus sanguini” confers citizenship by blood rather than place of birth – TRUE 6.) Lobbyists involve themselves in the congressional lawmaking process in all of the following ways except – introducing bill in the house and senate 7.) Amicus briefs offer a fairly inexpensive way for interest groups to influence decision making in the – Judicial Branch 8.) Abolishing the electoral college would probably break the lock that our 2 parties have on the presidential electoral system – TRUE 9.) Under the present voting rights act, a person must prove his literacy to vote – FALSE 10.) Which of the following would probably never attempt to achieve goals of a political nature – religious, labor related, environmentalists, Consumer prot. – all are liable to lobby 11.) Typically, the political party organization in the US is – dominated by a small inner circle composed of few loyal partisans 12.) Examples of procedural rights include – arrest for probable cause, protection from unreasonable search and seizure, right to fair hearing 13.) A state may require a statement of belief in the existence of God as a qualification for holding an office or voting – FALSE 14.) Candidates for the presidency commonly concentrate their campaign – in the most populated states 15.) In no case in recent times have any presidential electors ignored the popular vote of their state and cast their electoral vote independently – FALSE 16.) People who get welfare are more likely to vote than people who get social security – FALSE 17.) Which of the following is not a way that nominations are decided - General Elections 18.) American citizen voting in a foreign political election automatically revokes his citizenship – FALSE 19.) “Raiding” in an open primary refers to – voters of one party choosing a weak opposition party candidate
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20.) A child born of an American living abroad – has the right to American citizenship
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Politics test2 - 1.) A closed primary is restricted to...

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