Laboutcomes Quiz 3 - Frontal/coronal – vertical; divides...

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Lab Quiz #3 Pretest 1. Substrate – materials upon which an enzyme acts  Enzyme activity – amount of product produced per unit of time  Active site – place on the enzyme where the substrate fits % absorbance – directly proportional to the amount of product formed 2. Posttest 1. From high to low. 2. Hypotonic – lysis turgid Hypertonic – crenation plasmolisis  3. Both determine what enters the cell based on size.  Semipermiable  only uses size and selectively permeable uses size lipid solubility and  charge 4.    5. Transverse – (cross section) a horizontal plane perpendicular to the  long section of the body Sagittal – vertical; running parallel to the long axis
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Unformatted text preview: Frontal/coronal – vertical; divides the body into anterior and posterior sections 6. The image is flipped, working distance gets smaller, and size of the field gets larger. 7. Skeletal muscle – hair – many transverse lines – contracting these muscles pulls bones toward one another Cardiac muscle – chunky fiber – has transverse sections – responsible for the forceful contractions of the heart that propel the blood into the arteries Smooth muscle – fine hair – same – controlled by the involuntary nervous system and is designed for the contractions of the digestive tract...
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Laboutcomes Quiz 3 - Frontal/coronal – vertical; divides...

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