Bio Lecture Quiz 6 Outcomes

Bio Lecture Quiz 6 Outcomes - Bio Lecture Quiz 6 1. (p. 209...

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Bio Lecture Quiz 6 1. (p. 209 - 211) cerebral cortex – gray matter, largest part of the brain, outermost layer of the forebrain, doesn’t have myelin; right and left hemispheres connected by the corpus callosum; thalamus – gray matter; receives almost all sensory input hypothalamus – maintains homeostasis; regulates hunger, thirst, and temperature amygdala – largely responsible for emotions hippocampus – stores long term memory cerebellum – embryonic metencephalon – concerned with maintaining balance and equilibrium medulla – embryonic myelencephalon – vital function center; for heart rate and respiration pons – connects medulla to spinal cord corpus callosum – white matter that has myelin; connects right and left hemispheres 2. (212, 215) Parts of a Neuron: cell body – us. the center; where nucleus is located dendrite – carries impulses to cell body axon – carries impulses away from cell body Types of neurons: sensory – nerves that carry the info to CNS from the receptors motor – nerves that carry info to effector from CNS connector (interneuron)- in the CNS
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Neurotransmitters are in the synaptic vesicles Summary of process: electrical impulse reaches presynaptic end (axon) stimulates release of neurotransmitter from vesicles
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Bio Lecture Quiz 6 Outcomes - Bio Lecture Quiz 6 1. (p. 209...

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