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Considering Abnormality p.2 - Jason Wang for their bodies...

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Unformatted text preview: Jason Wang for their bodies. Cutting the variety of food they can eat in half would definitely put vegetarians in a disadvantage for survival. However, in a country with abundant resources, such as the United States, vegetarianism is adaptive for many individuals in that it can lead to a healthier lifestyle. At the same time, for a high school football player trying to build muscle, this behavior would actually be maladaptive considering his particular circumstances. While vegetarians face both pros and cons to their behavior, according to the conceptual definition, vegetarianism is classified as abnormal behavior. Aside from a person’s eating habits, a musician with extraordinary skill in playing the trumpet also meets the criteria for engaging in abnormal behavior. Eflof the integrated definition states “ . . . that abnormal behavior is so labeled because it is different, not necessarily because it is a reflection of ‘illness’” (Sue, Sue, and Sue 12). In the United States, while a musician, under definition, performs abnormal behavior, the flawless execution of this same abnormal behavior is considered by many to be a positive attribute. Therefore, most musicians at the professional level w0uld not have reason to receive professional attention. Their abnormal behavior would bring them advantages in @ earning musical scholarships for college and in finding a job for playing in an orchestra. This same trait could also bring them to a disadvantage in a social aspect by gaining the label as a “band nerd” from their high school and college peers. This label could indirectly become cause for professional Vem, attention at these impressionable stages of their life because they may suffer from depression, or evenC :Omfllg become antisocial. The abnormal behavior of having an extreme skill in playing the trumpet could be / adaptive for one persorfi/but maladaptive for another person in different circumstances. For example, if a trumpeter lived in Washington DC, they could easily find a job because the Pentagon is “chronically short of musicians to play taps at military funerals” (Associated Press 1). However, in St. Louis, “‘to make a living, most freelance musicians need a full-time job, too,’ says Vicki Smolik, a trumpeter and president of the St. Louis local of the American Federation of Musicians” (Miller 1). ...
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