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4576 Parkview Place 3-5 pages Very specific sense data. Use as many senses as possible any details other than sight will appeal more to the reader. Think about the details that are the strongest especially if the can bring about emotion do not use many adjectives or adverbs use more specific verbs or nouns leaves a better description. Keep in mind and let your reader know who what when where why these will keep the reader involved Stay in chronological order Use as much description as possible…use dialogue when it shows a persons personality or moves the story along A story always has a conflict between you and nature you and yourself you and someone else which then causes a crisis then a resolution.
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Unformatted text preview: It is easier to write narration in the past tense 1st: If you have had some major change …talk about the difference in then and now or then and then (like my world now) 2 nd : if at sometime in your life you were an outsider had experience that most people have not had (like dumpster diving) 3 rd : have an epiphany suddenly know something that you didn’t know before. Made you look at life in a very different way than you did before 4 th : you did something and later discovered 5 th : talk about someone that you personally know that went through one of these things and their situation Due Sept 17...
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