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Jessica Guise Susan Mueller Critical thinking and Writing 13 January 2008 How to Treat the Overtreated “The Overtreated Americans” by Shannon Brownlee is found in The Blair Reader 5 th ed. Shannon Brownlee has written many essays about genetics, cancer, and health-care policy. These essays have appeared in many prestigious publications such as Time , the New York Times , and the Washington Post . Abusing the healthcare system in the United States happens often, and should be appropriately addressed. It is important to everyone because it is something that we face in everyday life. As a nation we spend roughly $1.2 trillion each year in health-care, which is three to four times that of any other developed nation, yet the government cannot seem to find a way to bring this cost down. The hesitant nature of politicians is understandable considering the negativity that other reform ideas have been met with. This negative response from the people is due to the fact that they feel that more health-care means better health. In reality, this is not the case. In fact, according to John Wennberg, “there is excessive care, which not only doesn’t help you live longer but may shorten your life or make it worse. Many Americans are getting excess care.” If lawmakers, insurance companies, and the health-care industry as a whole were to look at how to make medicine better and not how to bring down
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critique2 - Jessica Guise Susan Mueller Critical thinking...

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