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2.5 KINES126 - • Never do anything a student can do just...

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KINES126.1 Friday, February 5th, 1999 Announcements: None Lecture notes: VIDEO: Children and Stress Six video vignettes on the stress that an elementary aged child faces a.) parents ask too much of their children (latchkey kid comes home from school with a long "to do" list that could include anything from laundry to making dinner) b.) competition with other students (students feel like they have to keep up to fit in) c.) parental frustration taken out on kids ( parents come home and show anger and resentment to children because of a bad day at work instead of showing children love and respect) d.) double standards (older child is responsible for a lot more than the younger siblings) e.) conflicting expectations between home and school f.) special needs (students with special needs have the added stress of peer name calling) Teachers and Stress : Time management for teachers
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Unformatted text preview: • Never do anything a student can do just as well. (i.e. running school errands, passing out papers, cleaning) • Don't take any papers home! (Taking work takes time away from your home life and family.) • Find alternatives to grading every paper yourself (i.e. have students help) • Handle each piece of paper right away (i.e. answer your mail right away) • Make a "to do" list everyday. • Do the hardest thing early in the day. • Establish routines that students can carry out without your full direction. (i.e. students arrive and get right to work that is already on their desks.) • Learn to say no. • Use "wait time" effectively. • Become aware of your best internal time and use it wisely. • Ask yourself " How would things be if I did not do this right now?" • Plan something each week that excites you. • Use break periods to restore energy....
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2.5 KINES126 - • Never do anything a student can do just...

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