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Jessica Guise Summary Michael C. LaSala in “Too Many Eggs in the Wrong Basket: A Queer Critique of the Same-Sex Marriage Movement” (Social Work April2007) argues that homosexual partners should receive the same perks that “married heterosexual couples” are given. Although the battle for gay marriage has become very large, the topic still lacks discussion in the area of the benefits they are not receiving. A few of the perks that married couples are able to receive are inheritance of the Social Security payments without unnecessary taxes, they can visit their other half in the hospital, plus there are also “social” privileges. Some traditionalists believe with the rate of divorce doubling and the rate of weddings at half what they were in 1960 that only “heterosexual marriage” gives kids a healthy living situation and consequently they are “worthy” of these privileges and category. Traditionalists quote saying that people in marriage are wealthier and more stable “psychologically”, but these statements do not hold up to
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