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test 2 review - TEST #2 *know the 4 ecumenical councils!...

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TEST #2 *know the 4 ecumenical councils! *Council #7 (@ Nicea…icons *ontology—the study of being, proving God exists by understanding his being *cosmological is based on sense experience *Hagia Sophia…first church in the East *St. Francis—concerned about poverty, FOR poverty, money was evil. Talked to animals *Augustine’s mom helped him in his spiritual life. .MONICA * why did God become a man? Because satisfaction had to be paid for your sins. Trinitarian and Christological Controversies LOOK AT BOTTOM FIRST Adoptionism -- How does humanity relate to divinity? The man, Jesus, was “adopted.” (adopted when He’s an adult.) Modalism/Sabellianism/Patripassionism —(all the same thing) attempt to explain how you have one God, but then you have the Trinity…God the father, then God the son, then God the holy spirit…not all 3 at the same time. (morphs) SABELLIONISM…rejected Dates for all the major councils : Christ is Fully Divine: Nicea (325) – vs. Arius Christ is Fully Human: Constantinople (381) – vs. Apollinarius Christ is One in Person: Ephesus (431) – vs. Nestorius Christ is Two in Nature: Chalcedon (451) – vs. Eutyches Two Natures (Divine, Human) in One Person Homoousios -- father/son of same essence Homoiousios-- similar substance, father/son very similar Heteroousios-- father/son of different essence Arius—strongly rejected & bad guy, condemned (though some were at first slow to condemn Arius because his subordinationism seemed better than any kind of modalism) and the full divinity of Christ is affirmed
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test 2 review - TEST #2 *know the 4 ecumenical councils!...

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