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FINAL EXAM REVIEW Chapter 9: Database What is a database, table, field, record, primary key, DBMS Database : a collection of data organized centrally to serve many applications efficiently; table : a collection of related records; field: a characteristic of related fields; record : a group of related fields, primary key: a field that uniquely identifies each record in a table; DBMS : the software that permits an organization to centralize data, manage them efficiently & provide access to stored data. Understand the various data types, which are more advantageous & why? Text, memo, number, date/time, currency, autonumber, yes/no, OLE object (picture/sound) Know the 5 types of data validation techniques? Alphabetic check (user only enters in alpha data), numeric check (user only enters in numbers, range check (user only enters data within range given), consistency check (tests data in 2 more associated fields to make sure it is logical), completeness check (verifies that a required field contains data) MS Access Know how to create & use each object type: Table, Query, Form, and Report Know the views for each object type- Know how to construct a Query. What is QBE? Know the various parts of the QBE grid and how to set up a query. QBE is query by example, field option, criteria, etc. Understand the various operators (eg. >=, IN, LIKE, BETWEEN, IS NULL, AND, OR) Know how to sort -ascending, descending, what is the default?, multiple field sort? Just click on the arrows for sort in design view, the default is ascending. Communications & Networks What is a network? What are the benefits of a network? What is a Site license? A network: a collection of computers/devices connected together via communications devices; benefits: share data/files, devices, software; site license: lets everyone in the network use the software What is a LAN, WAN, MAN, Peer-to-Peer, Client/Server? LAN: local area network; WAN: wide area network; MAN: metropolitan area network; peer-to-peer: all in one
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FINAL EXAM review - FINAL EXAM REVIEW Chapter 9 Database...

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