Assignment 02 Spring 2008

Assignment 02 Spring 2008 - CIS 250 1N1 Assignment 02...

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CIS 250 1N1 Assignment 02 Spring 2008 CIS 250 – 1N1 Assignment 2 2/13/08 1. (10 pts) According to Schneider, an effective site is one that creates an attractive presence that meets the objectives of a business or organization. List 5 of these objectives. Attracting visitors to the Web site Making the site interesting enough that visitors stay and explore. Convincing visitors to follow the site’s link links to obtain information. Building a trusting relationship with visitors. Encouraging visitors to return to the site. 2. (12 pts) Putting the customer at the center of all site designs is called a customer-centric approach to Web site design. List 4 guidelines that Web designers can follow when creating a site that meets the specific needs of customers, as opposed to all Web site visitors. Allow visitors to access information quickly. Avoid using inflated marketing statements in product or service descriptions. Avoid using business jargon and terms that visitors might not understand. Test text visibility on smaller monitors. 3. (10 pts) Describe two possible service-for-fee offerings that have recently become available or might become available to users of Internet- enabled wireless devices (such as PDAs or mobile phones) in the near future. Write one paragraph for each service in which you outline the profit potential and risk of losses for each. Computer and video games are a huge industry. In the United States alone, more than $10 billion a year is spent on video games. Most of the game sites charge a monthly subscription fee between $5 and $20 for access to all their fee-based offerings. In the future, I don’t think people are going to care enough to purchase
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Assignment 02 Spring 2008 - CIS 250 1N1 Assignment 02...

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