4.12 KINES126

4.12 KINES126 - The labeling in grocery store deli/bakery...

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KINES126.1 Monday, April 12, 1999 Announcements: Lecture Notes: CONSUMER HEALTH EDUCATION A consumer is someone who selects and uses products to fulfill personal needs and desires. Consumer health addresses products related to health. Questionable Health Products Devices e.g. solo flex Drugs e.g. diet pills, herbal supplements, fat burning creams Foods e.g. olestra, snackwells Cosmetics Vitamin Supplementation Evaluation of Questionable Health Products Food labels a.) Have been required since 1993 in the United States. b.) There are some exceptions to this requirement: If item is produced by a small business. Restaurants are not required to label your meals.
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Unformatted text preview: The labeling in grocery store deli/bakery is voluntary. • Over the counter (OTC) medications Food and drug administration requires specific information on the product container. a.) Approved use of the product. b.) Instructions for safe use. c.) Warnings Rules for Reducing Problems with OTC drugs • Be aware of what you are taking. • Know the effects (both positive and negative). • Read and heed warnings. • Don't use anything for more than two weeks. • If taking prescription medications, be aware of the interactions with OTC medications....
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4.12 KINES126 - The labeling in grocery store deli/bakery...

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