CS 110 Assignment 2 Computer Build List

CS 110 Assignment 2 Computer Build List - $158.99 2.1...

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Performance/Gaming PC Parts List Item Description Manufacturer Price Pentium D 945 3.4 Ghz Intel (Purchased via Ebay) $194.85 Intel 965 Chipset Motherboard Gigabyte Technologies $158.99 Black Gaming Case 500W Generic $62.54 PC2-6400 800 Mhz RAM Unknown (bought via Ebay) $134.19 CD-RW Drive Sony (bought via Ebay) $34.49 DVD-RW Drive Sony (bought from Best Buy) $80.21 All-in-Wonder 2006 Edition ATI Technologies (CompUSA)
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Unformatted text preview: $158.99 2.1 Speaker System CompUSA $42.38 Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Microsoft $60.41 Floppy Disk Drive CompUSA $21.19 320 GB HDD Western Digital $137.79 Blue LED Case Fans (2) Antec (Circuit City) $21.18 Windows Vista Home Premium Upgrade from XP Home Microsoft $169.59 17 Flat Panel LCD Monitor Gateway $211.99 Total Cost $1488.79...
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