POL 250 2-2 Notes

POL 250 2-2 Notes - 2-2 Notes 1:09 PM 2-2-07 Society...

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Unformatted text preview: 2-2 Notes 1:09 PM 2-2-07 Society Divisors o Sex o Age o Race o Income o Party o Location o Religion o Education White male child born in 02 has life expectancy of 75.2 years Female life expectancy 80.3 years Black female life expectancy of 75.7 years Black male life expectancy 68.9 years Voting Bush won men's votes 55-45 Kerry won women's votes 51-48 Whites 58-41 Bush All others went Kerry 88-11 blacks Age 18-29 54-45 Kerry All others Bush won Income every under 50 grand kerry, all others handily bush No high school 50-49 kerry Party Democrats 89-11, Republican 93-6 Bush, Independents 49-49 Jewish 74-25 Kerry ...
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