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KINES126.1 Friday, January 29, 1999 Announcements: Today we will have our first attendance check. Lecture notes: Mental Health (the first of the ten content areas within School Health Instruction) You, the teacher, should increase the self concept of the elementary school children thereby decreasing negative health outcomes. --examples of negative health outcomes academic failure personal failure inadequacy insecurity low self esteem poor self image alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use unplanned pregnancy violence Self-concept---deals with perception.
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Unformatted text preview: a.) how you perceive yourself b.) how you perceive others perceive you Self-esteem---how worthy or valuable a person considers him/herself to be---deals with three things a.) perception b.) how kids want to be/act c.) expectations children perceive others as having for them What can you, the teacher, do to increase the children's self-esteem? Help students view themselves realistically by reinforcing positive behaviors and ignoring their negative behaviors. This will result in an increase in positive behaviors....
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