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Introduce Yourself! Biographical Tear-Off Sheet (Please fill this out if you wish to do so . Feel free to add any other information on the back of this sheet.) This sheet can be mailed to the Distance Education office or submitted online. See UW-ACE for instructions on how to submit this sheet. Name: Fahd Ananta Course: ECON 101 Term: 1B Year: 1 Age (as 20's, 40's, 70's etc.): Teens (18) Are you a degree seeking student? Yes If so, what program are you in? Computer Science Is this your first university level course? No Is this your first distance education course?
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Unformatted text preview: Yes What are your reasons for enrolment in this course (e.g. elective/interest, degree requirement etc.) Degree Requirement What previous courses/experience have you had in this field? Completed ECON102 last term Is your "native tongue" something other than English? r yes r no Do you have access to resources other than the course materials and textbooks provided? Yes If so, please describe. (e.g. public library large/small, university library, personal books) University library...
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