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Final Exam Prep - global north or 4 What are the new...

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Final Examination: Geography 122 Geographical Change in the Modernising World 17 th . April 2007 8.30-10.30 am READ CAREFULLY. You have two hours to complete the examination. Answer a total of four questions , and follow the instructions with care. Spend 30 minutes on each question. Print clearly your name and the numbers of the questions you are answering. Use essay style in your answers. Include examples from the readings where relevant. Use separate booklets for Part A and Part B . Part A: Answer two questions, one from q. 1-2 and one from q. 3-4. 1. Compare and contrast modern and post-modern landscapes. or 2. What lessons for understanding and managing cultural diversity in the global north are provided by the lecture, and by the reading on land use conflict in Shaughnessy (‘the case of the missing sequoias’)? Plus 3. Why did the Iranian revolution occur? Why was it a surprise to the countries of the
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Unformatted text preview: global north? or 4. What are the new nationalisms? How do you account for the rise of the new nationalisms, disrupting the unity of long established countries? Part B: Answer two questions, one from q. 5-6 and one from q. 7-8. Start a new answer booklet for Part B. 5. What is a “world city”? Using New York as an example, discuss its main features. or 6. Drawing upon the lecture and the associated reading, write an essay about the geography and character of China’s contemporary industrial revolution. Plus 7.Why did som fail in the USSR? or 8. Raymond Williams said that nature “contains an extraordinary amount of human history.” Drawing upon the Mike Davis reading and the lecture, provide examples of the role that “human history” plays within natural disasters....
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This test prep was uploaded on 04/18/2008 for the course GEO 122 taught by Professor Lay,barnes during the Spring '08 term at UBC.

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Final Exam Prep - global north or 4 What are the new...

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