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bible review final - 3 Word became flesh John1 4 Sermon on...

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Dates- 586-destruction of Jerusalem 535- Jews returned 400-end of the Old Testament. 336- Palestine by Greeks 63- Palestine’s by romans 37- Reign of herod the great 6-4 Jesus birth 27-30- Jesus died Verse- 1 Lords supper- Math 26 2- whoever believes mark 16
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Word became flesh- John1 4. Sermon on the mount- Math 5-7 5. Greatness- Mark 10 6. Forgiveness- Math 18 Themes 1.Bible= Jesus 2. Mathew= King 3.Mark- Servant 4.Luke- Man 5.John- God 6.Acts-...
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