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Kimberly Thompso2 - around me I feel that it is important...

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Kimberly Thompson School in American Culture Article Summary Lifelong Learners The articles that I chose for life time learners were very informative. The first one talks about Hong Kong, and the growing rate of distance learners they have. This of course would require the teachers to learn the new technology. In this society, technology seems to change on a daily basis which would require the teachers to become life time learners. The second spoke about Europe and the growing need for funding. They are encouraging people to become life time learners by continuing their education. They want to ensure the future. Unfortunately the lower class community does not have the funding to attend college. They are trying to pass bills that will provide more federal money to send them to school. This was an excellent set of articles, because it gave me incite to the world
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Unformatted text preview: around me. I feel that it is important for us as educators to be aware of the educational programs even in other countries. We can learn a lot from the dedication these two countries have when it comes to education. They realize that without education, there is no future for their children. They also realize that teachers are not experts. They are lifelong learners. They learn new skills as they come available. By learning these new skills, we are better equipped to educate our future. I would recommend these articles to anyone who plans to be in education for a long period of time. Keeping up with technology is key, and should not be neglected. We should also learn by example and take our jobs very seriously. One day we will pass this world on to the next generation. Let’s give them a good foundation....
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