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studio movement 1 - something basic like letters They would...

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Kimberly Fletcher Studio Movement Alphabet body tango Age Level K5 Curriculum Area Phonics Objectives 1. The students will be able to recognize their letters. 2. The students will learn team work. 3. The students will move around learn to create with their body. 4. The students will learn critical thinking skills. 5. The students will learn teamwork. 6. Barriers will be broken with this activity. The kids will come out of their shells. Adaptations For Special Needs If I have children with special needs, I will give them one on one help. For those with hearing problems, I will supply a mike or hearing device in the room. For those with limited vision, I will provide large print. If I have one in a wheel chair, we will make sure they can move around the classroom. Adaptation for different age levels For the younger kids, I would probably work more closely with them. They could do this activity with just some more help from the teacher. For the older kids, I would use a harder lesson. We might do a math lesson instead of
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Unformatted text preview: something basic like letters. They would like this as long as it challenges them. Materials Their body Directions 1. Review the letters with the kids. 2. Split the kids up into groups of 3. 3. Assign the kids a letter. 4. Allow each groups to take turns creating the letter with Kimberly Fletcher Studio Movement Alphabet body tango their bodies. 5. You could also instruct them to do this silently. This way they have to use non verbal communication to work together. Source http://westlakees.wcpss.net/classroommovemenideas.htm Extensions 1. Have the kids draw the letters using creative materials. 2. Allow them to create words with their bodies as they progress. 3. Have the kids use materials in the class to create a letter on the floor. 4. Make this into a game by having the class guesses which letter they are creating. 5. Use chalk to trace the kids bodies on the ground. Then they can see what they created. Kimberly Fletcher Studio Movement Alphabet body tango...
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