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Kimberly Thompso1 - what about the critical development...

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Kimberly Thompson School in American Culture Journal Summary Pre K Spending and funding The article that I read was about the funding and support of early childhood education. It covered the facts about how much the states pay each year for pre K education. It amazes me how controversial this subject really is. Why is there so much hesitation when it comes to the early development of our children? States generally spend around $525 million in new money on pre k public education. Hillary Clinton has tried to propose bills that will grant more money to these programs. She would like to see more children have the opportunity to attend pre K. This is where my opinion comes into play. I fill that these proposals have not been considered critical to a Childs development. We put a lot of emphasis on elementary and secondary education, but
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Unformatted text preview: what about the critical development years. Education is very important at all levels, but when the Childs brain is developing, I feel it is so very important to begin the learning process. This also begins in the home. We should not depend entirely on the government to educate our children. It truly begins in the home. Overall the Article was very informing, and I learned a lot about the politics behind the programs. I now feel that we all should become familiar with this side. All aspects of our career is very important, and should be explored. I hope to get more involved with this aspect of my career. After all, this is not just a career, but I lifelong commitment to children....
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