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Alternate assignment requirements - Alternate assignment...

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Alternate assignment requirements If you choose to do the alternate assignment for the PowerPoint class there are two requirements: 1. Read the materials below. You do not have to read the comments (if the page contains them). While there are several links, the articles are not long and you should be able to go through all the material in an hour at the most. You will have to answer a quiz (to be posted later) worth 20 points to show you read these items: To read: Presentation Skills 101 Gates, Jobs, and the Zen aesthetic Bill Gates and visual complexity Top Ten Slide Tips Top Ten Delivery Tips The Presentation Styles of Steve Jobs (2 pages) PowerPoint is Evil To watch: Sample Slides Death by PowerPoint 2. Complete a large PowerPoint presentation worth 60  points. The presentation can be over anything, but must meet the following requirements (the points for each requirement are listed): Presentation requirements e-mail me and let me know you are doing this assignment
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Alternate assignment requirements - Alternate assignment...

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