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Kimberly Fletcher Media Definition- Media is any form of visual art. It also includes the tools we use to create visual art. It is not limited to the everyday tools in the classroom. Here are some examples. Different forms of media are drawing and rubbing, computer technology, surfaces, cross hatching, shape elements, chalk ideas, and cartoons. Drawing is linear art made from any tool that can make a mark. Rubbings are made by placing paper over objects such as coins, shells wire, or any texture and then using crayon marker and so forth to bring up the ;lines from the textured surfaces underneath. Computer technology- Students can create and manipulate art images. A sketch can be scanned. The image can then be manipulated. Surfaces-Experiment with a variety of papers cloth sand paper bags towels wrapping paper, paper doilies and graph paper. They can draw on t shirts with fabric markers. Cross stitching- Draw fine black lines parallel to one another and then cross them. This can be
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