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mini lesson reflection - lesson should be broken up into a...

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Kimberly Thompson Mini Lesson Reflection I felt that my mini lesson went well. I am very confident in the material. I chose the solar system because I felt that it would challenge my students to think about complex issues. I want to challenge their young minds. I realize that this is not a subject that is taught with great detail at their age, but it will give them a great head start. I also think that at their age, they will be interested. I made the lesson fun for the kids. The only thing I would change is maybe the amount of information. I think that
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Unformatted text preview: lesson should be broken up into a couple of lessons. I should slow down the pace a little. I learned that there is a lot of educational film clips out there. I was amazed how fun learning could be for children. I will certainly utilize these sources. I will hopefully use this lesson when I am student teaching possibly. I would love to see how a real class of 3 rd graders would respond....
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