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studio science drama - creative material such as stringy...

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Kimberly Fletcher Studio Drama Age Level 4 th grade Curriculum Area Science Objectives The kids will be able to give facts about the process of pollination. They will be able to recite the stages. Adaptations For Special Needs If I have a student who has M.S or any other muscular disability, I may find something for them to do that will keep them involved. I may even be able to find specially made puppets for them. Adaptation for different age levels I would use the same theory of the puppets, but with different subject areas. With the younger ones, I may use reading time. It can be used in many age levels and subjects. Materials Sock puppets. If you wanted the kids to make them in class, then you would need socks, and any other
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Unformatted text preview: creative material such as stringy material for hair. You could get the googely eyes and buttons. Directions 1. Remind the kids of their study of pollination. 2. Discus the stages. 3. Get the sock puppets out, and allow the kids to talk to each other about the system. 4. You can have 2 at a time come up. Let one Kimberly Fletcher Studio Drama child pretend to be the bee, and another pretend to be the flower. Have them act it out with their puppets. Source e.htm Extensions I would have the kids create a puppet play together. They would write and produce their own play about pollination using the puppets. Kimberly Fletcher Studio Drama...
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studio science drama - creative material such as stringy...

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