studio rhyming - able to be used with this book mark....

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Category: Visual Arts Rhyming Words Kimberly Fletcher Age Level Kindergarten Curriculum Area Language arts Objectives The students will be able to pick out rhyming words. They will also be able to create their own rhyming words Adaptations For Special Needs I will make myself available for these students. They can also get help from their neighbors. Adaptation for different age levels For the younger group, I would work more closely with them with their craft. For the older group, IU would challenge them more by having them create a rhyming story of their own. Materials Book mark paper, Crayons and markers, glitter, and any other random supply in the room that would be
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Unformatted text preview: able to be used with this book mark. You’re not really limited to what you can use. Directions 1. Remind the children that we have been discussing rhyming words. 2. Read them the cat in the hat which has many rhyming words in it. 3. Allow them to create some rhyming words as a class. 4. Review the meaning and use of rhyming words. 5. Allow the students to create a rhyming book mark. Let them be creative, but make sure they are putting rhyming words on the book mark Source Extensions I would have the children create a sentence using their rhyming words on their book marks....
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studio rhyming - able to be used with this book mark....

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