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studio history 2 - Write a story using each state at least...

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Kimberly Fletcher Literary Studio Age Level 5th grade Curriculum Area history Objectives The students will be able to recite their states. Adaptations For Special Needs If I have a blind student, I would make sure that I have brail available for them. Adaptation for different age levels For younger children I would provide them with more structure. They might just write some sentences with the states. Materials Paper and pin. Directions
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Unformatted text preview: Write a story using each state at least one time. It must be creative. They must underline each state in their creative story. They will have a list of the states that they can check off as they use them Source www.historychannel.com Extensions I would assign each kid with their own state, and they could do more research on their state, and create a story from their research. Kimberly Fletcher Literary Studio...
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