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Chapter 3 - Chapter 3 Gender Roles 1 2 3 4 5 Sex Vs Gender...

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Chapter 3- Gender Roles 1. Sex Vs. Gender 2. Gender differences 3. The nature-nurture debate 4. Traditional views of gender roles 5. Theories of gender role socialization a. Social learning theory b. Cognitive development theory 6. Agents of gender role socialization 1. Sex Vs. Gender a. Master status- position we hold affecting all aspects of our lives; most important of person’s various statuses b. Sex- biological characteristics we are born with that differentiate males and females; i. Includes: sex chromosomes (XX or XY), hormones, anatomy c. Gender- attitudes and behaviors we learn associated with being male or female d. Gender identity- perception of self as being male or female e. Gender Roles- characteristics, behaviors that society expects of males and females f. Gender Role Stereotypes- rigid, oversimplified beliefs about characteristics, behaviors of all males and females i. E.g. “all men are insensitive”
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2. Gender Differences a. Opposites??
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