4.3.08 - Revolution and Peacemaking Revolution and...

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4/03/08 Revolution and Peacemaking Revolution and peacemaking o Americans go to Russia to overthrow the power, and put them back into the war- April 1919 o In Germany as the army collapses, there is a constitutional revolution occurs o War aims and peace The Versailles conference, is a meeting to create a treaty, the conference is dominated by Lloyd George, Clemenceau and Woodrow Wilson George and Clemenceau have lost enormous amounts due to the war The British and French are asking for an unpayable amount Clemenceau and George have both won reelection, the promises they make for their reelection is a very high number They want to strip Germany of their land and some military powers, For George and Clemenceau it’s about punishing Germany, not taking their power away Woodrow Wilson is the wild card, he is the man that brings US into the war, but he also at the same time want the war to have a purpose Should be some sort of diplomacy to prevent war, He does not want country to become communist, one main reason for him to intervene, The middle east is going to be divided up into mandates
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4.3.08 - Revolution and Peacemaking Revolution and...

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