1.24.08 - 1/24/2008- Absolutism The Absolutist State o...

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Unformatted text preview: 1/24/2008- Absolutism The Absolutist State o Dynastic states- shared regions to a single ruler, who has acquired a legitimate o Russia is also growing, moving to the east o Poland becomes parts because it cannot decide rule, by the 18 th century Poland does not exist until 1918 o Absolutism is an early form modern kingship, it comes from the dynastic states had to adapt to the modernization economy, new forms of monetary and warfare, these adapted states emerge stronger Causes of changes: series of internal conflicts that tear the state apart and weaken it wars of religion o as a Europe becomes a monetarized, it is become based on money and business influenced now inflation and deflation are factors o Absolutism solves many problems but not all of them Define- Absolutism- a form of kingship, first form of government, kings disarm their internal nobility and there people o Kings are the only ones that can declare war, order police, etc o Homogenization- the desire to unify ethnic and religion in the state Role of government- more people in the government, mostly military related but also judges, tax collectors, etc---this is allows for corruption o In most countries, is the enforcement of the legal law made by kingship, there are different...
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1.24.08 - 1/24/2008- Absolutism The Absolutist State o...

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