1.22.08 - The reformation The protestant reformation and...

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1/22/08 The reformation The protestant reformation, and the counter reformation – the catholic response to the protestant reformation Before the reformation o 1517 starting point o The catholic church is dominant- a phenomenal dominance o Catholicism is the faith in which collective faith plays a part, serious and unapproachable o People would pack into small churches, can’t hear well, smells, said in Latin- this is the way of religion o Older forms of religious believes coexist with Catholicism, belief in wise men/women, casting spells o Not worried about these things, but the mysteries and problems of life o Priests are part of the everyday community, seen working on farm lands Maybe actually married into the people of the land o Church is the important and powerful influence, church members are the only literate members of society, literate priests do play different roles because of literacy Controls enormous wealth o The clergy, typically of higher level, there is a relation between them and political leaders/nobility o The nobility used the power of the church for their best interest o Leads to PROBLEMS Multiple positions made by nobilities in the church to get the wealth, to gather the resources, this leads to no interest in the church, church isn’t doing what it’s
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1.22.08 - The reformation The protestant reformation and...

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