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3/06/08 Society and Culture in late 19 th century Europe Bloody week at the end, people mainly women set fire to important buildings The third republic builds itself on peasant land owners, not highly politicized New crowns for old (21mins) o Within mainstream political discourse there is a use of nationalism and patriotism to get support for their parties 25.5mins – anti Semitism is finding a place it is exploding, in places like Russia … Woman’s organizations begin to come around, women are fighting for their rights, they believe they will have a better government than men if they got power; before 1914 only Norway has womens suffrage New vs. old imperialism
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Unformatted text preview: o Britain was expanding at the expense of other countries o New refers to a final burst where the last of the independent territories are divided into expansions, Africa gets divided and conquered o Imperial expansion resulted in expansion of territories of many countries like Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium o Why does this happen? Imperialism is economical will assist business, problem with this is that these areas are backwards, Another reason is strategic, certain territories are seen as places on a chess board, control of certain places give you access to trade, other places can be used as military outpost...
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