The Man in the High Castle

The Man in the High Castle - Kitchens 1 9/12/06 English 101...

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9/12/06 English 101 Dr. Sullivan Where is the Castle Equality? When does fiction cease to influence reality? This is a key issue in the fictional novel The Man in the High Castle written by Philip K. Dick. This imaginative depiction of reality is among the most revered and scrutinized pieces of American literature in the twentieth century. This counterfactual tale chronicles life in an alternate reality after World War II. It is also centered around the Nazi beliefs of racial superiority and the influence exerted by racism on popular culture. In addition to this Dick speculates the effects of gender and supremacy on the daily relations between races. These points will show that although history is not perfect, a drastic change in history could result in a completely different reality where gender and racial equality are not held such high regard. The novel follows the characters Robert Childan, Mr. Nobusuke Tagomi, Juliana Frink, and her ex-husband Frank Frink. As the novel progresses, the paths of each of these characters are intertwined although they are not aware of this connection. Robert Childan is an American who lives in San Francisco and is a supplier of “ancient” American artifacts. Many of Childan’s clients are Japanese and he has adopted a more “traditional” Japanese manner of speech and thought, especially when dealing with his customers. Childan believes all of his “artifacts” are authentic, and when he finds that some of these artifacts may be falsified he fears his livelihood may be in jeopardy. When a strange man who claims to be working for a Japanese admiral pays a visit
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The Man in the High Castle - Kitchens 1 9/12/06 English 101...

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