Propaganda - Kitchens 1 11/28/06 English 101 Dr. Sullivan...

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Kitchens 1 11/28/06 English 101 Dr. Sullivan Propaganda During World War II There were many reasons for Hitler’s popularity and power during World War II. A few of the devices that were used to facilitate this growth in popularity were German youth groups, the Nazi use of radio and television, and many other forms of propaganda. In the novel The Plot Against America Philip Roth’s portrayal of the “Just Folks” Program had many similarities and differences between actual German youth groups and other forms of propaganda that were used during World War II. Roth’s depiction of these events helps give life and plausibility to his novel. The original Hitler Youth was founded in 1922 in Munich, Bavaria. This group was aimed at recruiting new members for the Nazi cause. A new youth group was then made soon afterwards, which lasted through World War II. One of the primary methods used by Youth groups was film. During the early twentieth century the Hitler Youth were responsible for bringing films to smaller towns without major theaters (Herzstein 416). In Roth’s novel this is comparable to the instance when Philip goes to the theatre to watch newsreels about the war (Roth 163 ). Philip’s father also goes to watch newsreels when he wants to view the activities of some of the Nazi leaders (Roth 194). These newsreels were also an important part of the German propaganda movement. German newsreels helped to perpetuate the false image of a powerful Third Reich even as they were losing power and influence in the world. A primary example of this was Germany’s decision to keep up the production of newsreels well into the 1940’s during Germany’s
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Kitchens 2 fall from power (Read 122). This showed how important it was to Germany to project a strong unified, front even when they fell from power. The German Youth Groups were very similar to the “Just Folks” program that
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Propaganda - Kitchens 1 11/28/06 English 101 Dr. Sullivan...

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