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Bryan Gaddy Honors Biology Professor Nabors January 22, 2007 Changes I can recall the first day I came to Ole Miss. Everything was foreign. I knew very few people and very little about the campus. The decision to come to this school was not even really made by me in the first place. I decided on Ole Miss only because my brother wanted to go here and it was getting close to “crunch- time”. Now that I am here I would not rather be anywhere else, but I had to learn this by going through the good times and hardships of my first semester. Over the first few weeks of the first semester, I met hundreds of people and became accustomed to my new, independent lifestyle. As I come back for a second semester, I realize just how much I have changed from an ignorant, shy freshman into a confident, more mature Ole Miss student. On the first day of school I was still in a daze. Even my Dorm Hall was larger than any building on my old high school campus; this was not saying much considering my high school was small and humble. At home, I had my
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best friends and the few people that we hung out with and that was how I spent my high school career. I had an open mind when I got here but I had no idea how open it would have to be for me to get the full Ole Miss experience. As I approached Stockard Hall for the first time I saw a foreign man, three large black men, and a white guy with a long red beard all smoking in front of the front doors; an enlightening experience to say the least. It made me nervous. As I approached with my arms
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Bio Paper - Bryan Gaddy Honors Biology Professor Nabors...

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