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evaluative paper final - Williams 1 2 March 2007 Word...

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Williams 1 -12 March 2007 Word Count: 919 A Game Room as a Garbage Dump Audience: Students at USA who have never been in the game room This paper is directed toward students who have never been inside the game room and might be interested in going. When first walking into a game room, one would expect to find a plethora of things to do. One also expects to feel comfortable, relaxed, and welcomed. A game room on a college campus should be a cozy place for a student to take his/her mind off the stresses of college. Although some may think that the game room at the University of South Alabama (USA) is relaxing because of its laid-back atmosphere, it is not a cozy place for social interaction. Most importantly, a game room should have plenty of games. There should be ping-pong tables, pool tables, T.V. s, video game systems, checkers, and other games as well. There should also be plenty of places to relax; there should be comfortable couches and chairs. A game room should also be exciting, with lots of bright colors and decorations that are appropriate for the room; it should not be bland. Finally, everything in the room should be clean and in good condition. Furthermore, all of the equipment should be fairly modern. Some people may think that the rugged feel of this room adds to the comfort level and
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This essay was uploaded on 04/18/2008 for the course EH 101 taught by Professor Maples during the Spring '07 term at S. Alabama.

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evaluative paper final - Williams 1 2 March 2007 Word...

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