FINAL ESSAYS - Final Exam Essay Questions 2) When and how...

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Final Exam Essay Questions 2) When and how did Christianity assure its survival ? Who/What/Where/When/Why/How Jerusalem Church – Peter, John, James (“Pillar Apostles”) Antioch Church – Paul and Barnabas Apostolic council - representatives of both churches met in Jerusalem in ca. AD 50 to resolve the problem – Do you have to be Jewish 1st in order to be a Christian? the Jerusalem church said Yes Antioch church said no – Paul pushes church to the selfconciously Jewish characteristic introducing Gentiles into the church Outcome – Paul was allowed to go on missionary journeys to convert Gentiles (non- Jews). He had to take up a collection for Jerusalem Ch. also. If not for this event early Christianity would have died out due to several factors: - poverty of church - loss of leadership (Pillar Apostles died, others like Stephen were martyred) - Jerusalem Christians relocated to Pella due to the Jewish-Roman war, around 66-70 AD, they are not heard from again – the fall of Jerusalem - the Pharisees came out of the Jewish Roman war and became representatives of Judaism to the Romans – 18 Benedictions were introduced which led to the tossing of Christians and Baptists out of Judaism Also include elements of the “Dominance” lecture 3) What is the essence of Christianity? Contrast: Essence according to Jewish Christians Law (Law of Moses) Jesus as mediator (Epitome) Exceeding righteousness/justice like the Epitome - means entering the kingdom of God having fulfilled the law as interpreted by Christ the advocate - transformation Essence according to Pauline Christians Spirit given by Christ the benefactor - means Law as Paidagogos – slavish term, temporary role – negative personification (spirit frees you from the law i.e. accomplishes what the law does not) Jesus as bridegroom Church as chaste bride Paul as father of bride
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FINAL ESSAYS - Final Exam Essay Questions 2) When and how...

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