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JTC100: Media in Society Fall 2007 Study Guide for Exam #2 The exam will be held Monday, October 29 in Clark A-102. You must take the exam in the section for which you are registered. The same policies and procedures will be followed as on the previous exam. You are responsible for the content of all lectures, class video presentations, and book chapters. T = Text only. Please do not post study guide questions or answers on RamCT. J OURNALISM (J ACKSON ) Journalism (Chapter 14) and the News Media Panel 1) What are the eight news values used to judge an issue or event’s newsworthiness as we discussed in class? Review the examples of the stories that exemplified these news values. Be able to identify which news values are at play given a local, national, or international news story description. a) Conflict or controversy, impact or consequence, physical proximity, psychological proximity, human interest, unusual, prominence, timeliness 2) What is the Fox Effect and what dilemma does it create for journalism’s role of educating the public and advancing democracy? a) Extreme nationalism, taking it to a new level, casts aside objectivity, patriotic spin on news at expense of telling the whole story (no cheerleaders) 3) What problems or issues exist in the news industry jeopardizing news credibility, quality and/or ethics? a) Saturation of coverage, tabloid journalism, celebrity journalists, competitive pressures, breach of ethics/scandals, corporate conflict of interest 4) What is “herd journalism” or “pack mentality”? (We discussed the pack mentality in class – your text refers to it as herd journalism. They are the same concept.) a) Competing to be the first (exclusives, “the Scoop Syndrome”); chasing the same prey, and watching each other creates homogenized news 5) How do the competitive pressures of news lead to a pack mentality among news organizations and journalists? What is the connection to homogenized news? a) 6) Why did the Jayson Blair controversy threaten the credibility of all mainstream journalists and news organizations? a) New York Times correspondent, accused of fraud and plagiarism; New York Times finally held themselves accountable but back-paged the story so they were down playing the scandal 7) As we discussed in class, what mistakes did CBS News make when it broke the story on 60 Minutes Wednesday regarding President Bush and his Texas Air National Guard service during Vietnam? What were the findings of the independent panel? a) Question President Bush’s Nat. Guard service based on falsified memos; bloggers exposed fake because typewriters couldn’t do superscripts; independent panel concluded: failed to follow basic journalistic principles, news team had a “myopic zeal” to break the story first, error compounded by “rigid and blind” defense of report; wanted to break the story 1 st so accepted photocopies, didn’t take responsibility quickly 8) In the video excerpt from The Corporation we watched in class on the Florida Fox station investigative
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StudyGuide2FA07 - JTC100: Media in Society Fall 2007 Study...

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