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EuH 2001.0009 Mr. S. de Zwart Office Hours: Mondays and Tuesdays 5pm – 5:50pm [email protected] Text: The Western Experience. Volume II Mortimer Chambers This course will cover the events that shaped Europe since the Wars of Religion. As always it is important for you to attend class, keep up with reading assignments and lecture notes. Reading alone will not prepare you for the exams. Exams and perhaps Quizzes will contribute to your grade; grading scale is the standard A, B, C, D, F-system, no plus or minus. Exams will be comprised of the following: short answer, essay and multiple choice. Study guides will be distributed in class the week prior to an exam. I reserve the privilege to give quizzes any time during the course of the semester. This syllabus may be changed during the course of the semester. January 8 Class Intro (Read Chapter 15) January 15 Religious Wars and the Rise of Absolutism (Read Chapter 17)
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Unformatted text preview: January 22 The Rise of the State (Read Chapters 16, 18 and 19) January 29 Science, Wealth and Enlightenment (Prep for Exam One) February 5 Exam One (Read Chapter 20 and 21) February 12 The French Revolution and Napoleon (Read Chapter 22 and 23) February 19 Napoleon continued and Europe after Napoleon (Read Chapter 24) February 26 Unification movements (Prep for Exam Two) March 4 Exam Two (Read Chapters 25 and 26) March 11 Spring Break: March 10-14. March 18 The Rise of the Working class and Empires (Read Chapter27) March 25 World War One and its aftermath (Read Chapter 28 and 29) April 1 I am out of town. Reading period/library period April 8 World War II (Read Chapter 30) April 15 The Cold War, Globalism and the New Europe (Missed exam make up day) April 22 Final Exam: 7-9:50 pm Comm. 117...
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