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SPC 1600 sudy guide test1 - manage it How does public...

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SPC 1600 F ALL 07 E XAM 1 S TUDY G UIDE C HAPTERS 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10 NOTE: This exam is more focused on application than definition. It’s important that you understand the concepts. You must be familiar with the text and the lectures to be successful on this exam. Transactional Model SMCRE ELM The nature of communication Speaker credibility as it affects the transaction model Aristotle’s appeals Elements of a message Learning styles’ impact on the transaction model General purpose → specific purpose → thesis statement → main points Choosing an appropriate topic Traditional patterns of organization Identify and apply the elements of Malandro’s Formula Connecting with the audience What are the causes and effects of communication apprehension and how can we
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Unformatted text preview: manage it? How does public speaking satisfy our needs and the needs of others? Plagiarism Ethical responsibilities for listeners and speakers Cultural relativism, ethical relativism, situational ethics, universalism, utilitarianism What are the 4 types of delivery? What makes a good thesis statement? Methods of signposting, opening with impact, closing with impact The steps of developing a speech How do you construct your note cards? How do you prepare a formal outline? What are the elements? How do you organize your main points for clarity, simplicity, parallel structure and balance?...
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