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Nurtition_Week 7_Assignment 1

Nurtition_Week 7_Assignment 1 - Week Assignment 1 South...

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Week & Assignment 1 South University Online NTR2050 What is a common deficiency disorder of these nutrients? What diet and/or lifestyle factors contribute to risk of deficiency? The pair of nutrients I chose are Vitamin C and Calcium. It is noted that vitamin C helps in the absorption of iron (Shehan, 2010). A common deficiency disorder of is anemia (NIH, 2014) which is a condition where the body is low in iron . A diet low in fruits and vegetables cause low vitamin C, in regards for iron “the body tends to absorb iron from meat better than iron from nonmeat foods” (Shehan, 2010). Someone who is Vegetarian may be ate higher risk for iron deficiency. What diet recommendations could you make to a patient with this deficiency disorder? If your anemia is caused by low iron, due to low calcium foods to eat would be fruits—especially citrus fruits like “ oranges, grapefruits, tangerines, and similar fruits” (Shehan, 2010). Other fruits
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