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-saturated = C has max possible bonds -ethane vs. ethane (double bond) -butane -benzene -cyclohexane -structural isomer -geometric isomer = double bond, with different substituents (cis, trans) -enantiomers = carbon with 4 different groups around it -6 primary function groups, are all hydrophilic -hydroxyl, sulfhydrl -hydroxyl (-OH) -carbonyl group (C=O) -aldehyde (carbonyl group on the end)
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Unformatted text preview: -ketone (carbonyl group between two C atoms)-carboxyl group (-COOH)-are usually acids because COOH can dissociate a proton-amino group (-NH 2 )-organic compounds with amino group are called amines-amino group acts as a base because ammonia can pick up a H from-sulfhydryl group (-SH)-sulfyhryl groups are called thiols-phophate gropu (-OPO 3 2-)...
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