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Review of Literature - Clarke 1 Deadria Clarke Critical...

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                                                                                                                                         Clarke 1 Deadria Clarke Critical Analysis and Compostion Ms. Zill 7 April 2008 Review of Literature The central focus of my paper is epilepsy. Epilepsy is a neurological disorder that is characterized by reoccurring seizures. My research question is why do doctors often misdiagnose epilepsy? My sub questions are why are many patients as well as their family members misinformed about the disease as well? Why does epilepsy occur at a young age as well as an older age in people? Many of the sources that I chose explain what epilepsy is and how it is diagnosed, they also mention other diseases similar to epilepsy. My first source Lee the Rabbit with Epilepsy by Deborah M. Moss is a children’s book about an epileptic rabbit. Lee is a young female rabbit, who is about 6 years old. One morning when she went fishing with her Grandpa Jake, Lee’s pole started to wiggle when she caught a fish. “When her grandpa told her that she caught a fish, Lee was just staring and the tops of her ears twitched. Her grandpa thought that she was sleeping.” (Moss 3) Then at dinner when grandpa Jake told Lee’s parents about what happened, she did not remember a thing. Lee’s mother decided to take her to see Dr. Bob. The doctor put wires on Lee’s head and ran some
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Review of Literature - Clarke 1 Deadria Clarke Critical...

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