Introduction to NURS 100

Introduction to NURS 100 - I ntroduction to NURS 100...

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Unformatted text preview: I ntroduction to NURS 100 & the Program Objective- Students will be able to state the metaparadigm concepts central to the discipline of nursing- Students will be able to identify program themes and provide basic explanation of their meaning- Students will be aware of the program foci Metaparadigm- Central concepts that are unique to a discipline- What are the ideas that make up the big picture (def)- What makes up the big picture for nursing?- For Nursing: o Person o Environment o Health o Nursing- fourth concept is the notion of nursing- We will study the meaning of all the four concepts throughout this course Person- Who do nurses work with?- Other nurses, occupational therapists, patients, physicians, physiotherapist- Other terms for patient: client, consumers of health care(can shop around, buy something, shifts the power dynamic)- What defines you?- Values, r ights and freedoms, integrity(dont deviate from you beliefs)- Are there common themes or similarities? (above)- No two people are alike- just like snowflakes- People are holistic human beings experiencing and interpreting circumstances across the life span (your experiences shape you, and an experience can affect people in two different ways) people bring their future as they imagine it, to you as a health care provider- They influence and are influenced by the natural and socio-political environment (called a reflexive effect- in both directions)...
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This note was uploaded on 04/18/2008 for the course NURS 100 taught by Professor Cable-williams during the Fall '07 term at Trent University.

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Introduction to NURS 100 - I ntroduction to NURS 100...

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