Family - Family: Week 5 Objectives (WebCT) Explore...

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Family: Week 5 Objectives (WebCT ) Explore influences on families Define and describe key concepts related to family ** Study from objectives!!!** What is a “Family”? What is your definition of family? Write 4 words that come to your mind when you think of family o Safety, strength, friendship, loving, caring, trust, responsibility, respect, reliability Write 3 defining features of family What has influenced your words and features? Changing Influences over Time Family structure or form over time? o Economics Moving where the money is o Care giving Women moving out of occupations where jobs are home based o Employment and role changes o Longevity People living longer than they used to o Politics and globalization o Technology o Societal “norms” of relationships o Geographically Ways of Understanding families
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According to structure and function: o People who are connected and serve a function o Who they say they are (Wright and Leahey) o Principle sociocultural system in which behaviour patterns are learned, adapted or altered (de La Cruz 2006) According to developmental theory system moving through time (Duvall) Another definition Socioenvironmental approach: Dynamic and adaptive system a complex set of environmental, psychopolitical and developmental processes to which the member attributes specific meanings, whether individually or collectively Socioenvironmental - society, environment around the person Responds and adapts to change Psychopolitical – power relationships Developmental – evolving experiences All related to culture! Individually/ collectively – family rarely thinks as a unit, usually as individuals, but have to bring all perspectives together to make a decision that the entire family can live with Discuss the following sayings/ images about families You can choose your friends but you can’t choose your family Blood is thicker than water The apple doesn’t fall from the tree There’s no place like home Step=mothers in fairy tales (Cinderella) Mother-in-law jokes What did you know about families when you were: 4 years old o Sent to school
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Family - Family: Week 5 Objectives (WebCT) Explore...

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