Lecture 7 - Community and Epidemiological Principles Week 8...

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Community and Epidemiological Principles: Week 8 Objectives – students will be able to: (WebCT) Define “community” Describe Primary Health Care and its principles Define potential roles of a community health nurse Explain a model used for holistic community health nursing based on levels of prevention What is your community? Student community, neighbourhood, work, Facebook Community o Common interest o Gathering together, or a common place o Group involved o Interaction and roles (organized relationship) o Provides support What are commonalities in your definitions? Community – definitions Group of people that share a geographic and social dimension Community is seen as a group of people with social, cultural or economic ties within a specified location Geopolitical vs. Phenomenological (exam question!!) Geopolitical Spatial designation with natural or man-made boundaries defining a geographical place Phenomenological What ever the community member defines as a feeling of belonging Members have an identity that differentiates them from the rest of their surroundings: culture, beliefs, history, interests, characteristics
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Characteristics of a “Health Community” Collective relationships Supportive living environment Collective ability to solve problems Adequate living conditions Safe environment Sustainable resources o Employment, health, education What makes a community “Health”? (Percentage given is the number of people who rated this as their #1 priority)
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Lecture 7 - Community and Epidemiological Principles Week 8...

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