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The Child - t3“ their-fight 135 Mertwhm er Publishing...

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Unformatted text preview: t3“ their-fight 135?? Mertwhm er Publishing Ltd. 34. The mild {In a hotel room. :1 Ispaeingsnd wiring, Hfijgfle Cheekshis/her watch. Titer-t.- it: a knock at the door: .31 5-13.95 to the door: but ("$093111 Open it.) #1: 1litho’h there? #2: joeflo. it’s Biwflarhara. #1: Are you alone? #2: Did you tell tree m come atone? #1: Just answer the question. #2: (Pause) Yes, I’m alone. Let me in. (J1 opens the door and let’s «F2 in. fie/She 10013 mound fliflfl SHE} Niee plane. I think it has a minus four star rating. 11-. Welet-eu one weenie heiost. one usoamr dotted”: go to the Hilton. #2: Where's Carrie? #1: Ntyt here. #2: What is going on? You know she was supposed to be here. . 21:. wit-mug. fir. the phoneyou gain} you wanted to see me. Not the kid. #3: I want to make sure she’s 0K. #1: Gite me a break. You know she’s fine. #2: Then why can‘t I see her? #1: Beeattae 1 don‘t trust you. You’re my EX-H'iny'l'E‘X‘- husband's lawyer. For all 1 know. you brought the oops or the; FBI with you. #2: You’re ouenblowing your own importance, you know. 3 1: And youu-e playing games with me, you know. Bye. {Starts to exit.) #2: Wait... #1: W115 hack.) No, you wait! You and thatnperson I was married to were the ones who went on the news and gave intaviews. You said you just wanted to talk. Well, here I 146 The nuts #2: Helem'Howard wants Carrie hack. #1: You want to tell me something that Inost of the mntinentai United states doesn’t already know? #2: We thought that it“ you were asked in person. you might I give be: 1m. #1: 1Well think again- tz; 1till-That do you hope to accomplish by doing this? :1: How’s being with my daughter for starters. Not being denied visitation- te: No one was denying you visitatiom #1: Really? What {1.9 you call one weekend a month and Every other holiday? 1:2: I call it the judgment the courts handed dohrn. H1: Do you call it fair? to: {Pause} its the jrufie'mcnt oi the mem- #1; And it’s garbage so please spare 111E 1:he rhetorlc, munaelor. #2: And you think this is going to make thinlgs ail better? ‘ll'ti'hen you get caught. and you will he. they‘ll umr let you see her. ' #1: UK. let’s play this game. Let*s say for the sake of argument 1 give up. I take Gertie home, Helentfloward and I make nice. what happens in a month? What happens with the new job? #2: ‘il'tfhatjoh? “That are you talking about? t 1: flee, this is Whit we can‘t talk. You can’t taili straight with me about anything- #2: If 35.1fm referring m Helen’sfHoward*s new job... nothing is deliflite- It‘s... .111. ENflU-GH! Stop lying. Just once- t2: {Pause} flK...he’sf5he’s taking thech- t1. s,ooo miles away? #2: (Pause) Yes. {The twojusr stare at each othCI'J + 14? tt~eWomr~ Fifty Promotional Scenes for Snider]: Actors #1: #2: #1: #1: #2: #1: #2: ill: #2: You know, when Helem’lloward and I first talked about getting divorced, we agreed that we’d have joint custody. So I just couldn't figure out why hefshe started fighting so hard for sole custody. Then a friend of mine, a detective, did some checking and we found out that hefsbe was offered a new position with herlhis company ...aeross the country. Well, if we shared custody shcfhe knew I’d never agree to let Carrie move, so things started to make sense. Then, you entered the picture. You make it sound like a plot. Wasn’t it? l[Since we got into court you took innuendo and turned it into fact, look personality traits and made them character flaws. In short, you pretty much made me about one step below Hitler. I wouldn’t have given me custody based on what you said. I didn’t make anything up! I don’t set out to make villainS. I... (ll course you do. It‘s your nature. Lawyers like you have this inbred quality — very much like attack dogs. Nurtured correctlyr and pointed in the right direction, you’ll destroy anyone. Was I the one who told you two to get married? [lid I then make your marriage go sour? No. You two did that on your own. I was simply hired to do a job. And you did it extremely well. And if you‘re expecting me to apologize for Iliat, well, don’t hold your breath. And you don’t care who you hurt, whose life you ruin. You want to give it. a rest? There‘re no reporters or cameras here, so get off the soap box. I'm an attorney. My colleague-s and I aren’t angels of death. We just try cases. Know what I think? I think that if I had been your lawyer and things had turned out differently. we’d probably be having dinner right now and you’d be toasting my court— room expertise. You don"t hate me. you hate what I did. 143 t2: t1: t2: #1: #2: ill: #2: #1: .12: one one And the facts are, I don’t hate you...l pity-you because I’m forced to sit and listen to the rautin gs of a bitter manl woman who screwed up his.r her own life and marriage and is trying to blame it on everyone else. Well, I’m not to blame. I just did myjoh...and did it welll Including making stories about my “problem"? Did you or did you not go into a treatment program? Three years ago alter a tome operation, I had a slight problem getting off the pain killers. {in my own volition. I went to a spa to get some therapy on my knee and clean out my system. This “spa” was a registered rehab center, was it not? Yes it was, but... That‘s all I said. Oh, come on, the way you told it I was on the streets knocking over liquor stoma. Look, we can go all day saying who did what to whom. but it won’t solve anything. The courts made their decision and as of right now you're a kidnapper. That’s all anyone’s going to see. Why don’t youjust give up? {Pa use} Do you have any kids? No. Then you have no idea what its like. The prospect of not being able to see your kid when you want. Even if you hadjoint custody. you wouldn’t see her every day. You just don't get it. No I wouldn‘t have liked it, but a couple of miles away is liveable. Three thousand miles away is unacceptable and I won‘t have it. And what about Heleanoward? Aren't you doing exactly to hinn'her what you say hcfshe did to you? You reap what you SW. II befshe hadn’t tried to get everything hisg'her way, had sheIhe just been honest, we wouldn‘t be in this position, and that‘s the truth. So what are you going to do? You can’t run forever. 149 #1: I can run as long as nemgary. Don’t underestimm m #2,- flwn don’t fire ant flint. We‘fl was-E something out. I aim-mm. #1: {Laughs a bit.) Let’s just Raj? your credibility in lacking. You an name, tail: to thathJfiny'her and I’ll get in touch mom #3: When? #1“. Scan“. #2: Shefhe won't like this. #1: Ask me if I care? You just 1311 mwhar than hefshe can... 1E1]. hhniher I said “hi." Nuw gat out. #2: {Starts to exit.) I'll see you in mart. #1: Making inrwnrfi in it. (#2 write.) 15C: ...
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