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The Client - Ftdjr Prothsstonsl Scenes for Studen tAetors I...

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Unformatted text preview: Ftdjr Prothsstonsl Scenes for Studen tAetors I can run as long as necessary. Don’t underestimate me. Then don't be an idiot. We’ll work something out. I promise. (laughs a hit.) Let’s just say your credibility is lacking. You go home. talk to that...hinty'her and I'll get in touch soon. When? Soon. Sheflie won’t like this. Ask me it' I care? You just tell hummer that hefshe can... tell himfher I said “hi.” Now get out. (Starts to exit.) l’ll see you in court. Looking forward to it. [3'2 exits.) 15E! at? Copyright 1.90.? Morin-“ether Publishing Ltd. 35. The client {At a table in a restaurant. Has/she is dressed pretty well, looking somewhat met-dressed for where hefshe is. H efshe takes the last sip ofa drink, then nails for a waitertj #1: #2: 3‘1: #2: #1: t2: til: #2: if 1: t2: #1: Excuse me. (Pause) lley, waiter! My glass seems to be empty. You wanna do something about it? (it? enters and goes up to the table ad looks at t1. t1 sees fumfhenj You don’t look like my waiter. but yo u'il do. (names waiter a glass. Waiter puts it back on the table and sits.) I’ve been looking for you Everywhere. Where have you been? {Looks around.) My first guess would be...here. Then again, in my condition, I might be mung. I could he there. Well, just For your information, Ihere’s a room full of people, not to mention about 15 senior partners who are expecting to see you tonight Oh, some on. [Io you really think. that in a room of a hundred plus lawyers, one absent attorney is really going to be noticed? flrdinarily, no. But when said attorney also happens to he the guest of honor, Insfher presence is usually expected. Don't you agree, counselor? Your Honor, I object to this line of questioning. Do what grounds? [in the yound that youire making too much sense and I’m in no mood. Dhjection overruled. It figures. This just Isn’t my day. It's not your :1de You were officially-made a partner in the firm today. That‘s what the party is about. Remember? Uh. that’s right. Fits: hefessionsi Scenes for Student Actors #2: F1: #2: #1: 112: #1: 31: lo. .4. .111: 32: 1‘1: #1: #2: So back to the original question, what happened? I’ll take the fifth...or I’ll take a fifth. I aIWays get those two confused. Come on, MikefMiehEIle, what gives? UK. {Pause} Does the name David Stewart mean anything to you? No. Should it? No. name to think of it, I guess not. That was before you joined our happy little firm. ‘Wlm‘s David Stewart? He’s a Beverly Hills yuppie, jerk I defended. Sounds like a great guy. He’s a peach. fine day this guy kicks the holy crap out at his wife, she has him arrested for assault and battery, he hires our firm, and I‘m assigned to get him off. Did you? _ You bet. (in a technicality nobody even remembered existed. I re'memher thinking what an awful person this guy is and I got him off. rind the topper, he did everything he was amused of. ' Couldn*t you have refused Lhe case? Not if I wanted to move up in the firm of Lockwood, Fitzgerald, and Scott, I couldn’t. UK, I see where you‘re at. lint this is hardly the first guilty scumbag that’s ever walked before. I know, but the story’s not done yet. What happened? I was driving over to the banquet tonight and I got a call. From Stewar I? The one and only. Don‘t tell me. he did it again, right? Wrong. Well, that’s... 152 #1: #2: #1: t1: #2: #1: #2: The Client He killed her. He what? They were having an argument and he decided to out it shnrl.‘ by putting her head through the living room wall. Unfortunately, the human skull doesn't have the apparent rigidity of smashrick. flh, god! So, I go down to the police station, Stewart tells me what happened and wants me to get him out. I told him I’d talk to the partners, I jumped in the ear came here, and lived happily ever after. Have you told the partnenii’ No. I was hoping they'd try and execute Stewart before I had to. _ Not likely. Look, tell them and have someone else assigned to the case. Can’t do it. Stewart said he wanted me and no one else. It' I refuse, he’ll go to another firm. Let him go. The other pai'hiers will understand. They might if I worked for the firm of Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, d: Tinkerbell. Maybe you’re underestimating them. Look me in the eye and tell me you honestly believe that? (:3 doesn‘t look at him.) Yeah, I didn’t think so. 0K, you're right. They’re going to want you to take the case. So take it. Figure out some way to get your mind around the moral ramifications, and defend this guy to the best of your ability. It’s your job and it’s what Stewart’s entitled to. Says who? Says this little document called the Constitution. Maybe you’ve heard of it? I can’t believe you just said that. This has nothing to do with Stewart's constitutional rights. The hell it doesn't. It’s about his right to a fair trial and 153 Fifty Professional Scenes for Student deters The Client competent counsel+ :1: And what about his wife's right to life, liberty, and...you know what, forget the other two. LEt’s just start with life. She’s dead and he did it! #2: And you‘re so sure he‘s going to get .off. #1: YES. #2: How do you know? 11: Berause he's got the heat justice that money can buy and that’s a fact. #2: So refuse the ease! Tell the partners you won‘t do it and take the consequences. ill: But... #2: But what? Moral indignation has its price? Yes, it does. but you can’t have it both ways. You want to remain the golden boy,“ girl, then you do what they tell you and shut up. Utherwise, stand by your principles. They’re admirable, but it 1II'Iery well may he costly. It's your call. #1: You’ve got this party line down pretty well, don’t you? #2: Not at all. It’s just that I can afford to he more objective. #1: How come? ' #2: Because I'm not in your place. #1: Wanna trade? #2: Not on a bet. l’d just as soon put off my “crisis of faith” for a while, thank you. #1: Col-vard. #2: And proud of it. Come on, let's go. #1: WhEre to? I 112: The dinner. 1You: really should go. #1: What about Stewart? .112: It’s your night. He’s in jail, what's he going to do? I think his...situation will hold until tomorrow morning. {The Mu start to get up.) #1: You’re probably right. #2: No counselor, I’m definitely right. tl- (Pause) Boy, are you cocky. #2: I know. I learned it from you. it: I’m not eoeky. #2: Oh, please, your picture's in the dictionary... 154 155 ...
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