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Political Science 014 Friday, January 22nd, 1999 Announcements: Grading for the recitation : The section grade counts for 20% of your total grade and will be divided into two parts. 1. Participation/ Attendance: Class participation counts as half of your section grade. Participation means contributing to class discussion through relevant questions and answers, while at the same time maintaining a positive atmosphere for learning. Sections are a discussion-oriented class and as such you must remain courteous and respectful at all times, any deviation from this rule will not be tolerated. Attendance is an explicit part of your grade and will be taken every day. Remember that in order to participate you have to be in class. Also, do not be surprised if I randomly call on students to add their insights into the class discussion. 2. Quizzes: The other half of you section grade comes from quizzes that will be announced in advance where make-ups will be allowed with acceptable excuses. The map quizzes will be also containing a number of questions on current events. In
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Political vs. Economic decisions - Political Science 014...

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